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What's up week 13

We are at the last week of the month and things are starting to even out, not slow down but stabilising. The pace we have picked up this month starts to feel more natural, as it should.

The week contains a balanced energy following the energy from the Equinox and Libra Full Moon last week. It’s a grounded energy that can help us open our hearts fearless and strong. Help us connect with ourselves as well as the world, again fearless.

I see it as a warm and loving hug from the Universe that lets us bring out our shadow this last week of Mercury retrograde, to heal and understand. We receive this warmth Universal energy to relax in for us to feel that we are being taken care of and held, while we transform and lift our energy.

It’s like we see parts of us coming up that no longer fits our energy. Due to the Universal hug we get extra strength and confidence to take a deep breath and take the jump or plunge without necessary knowing where we will land. All we know is that we can’t do it any other way, so we just do it.

Remember that the more grounded we are, the more balanced we are, the easier we can meet the day, the surrounding and the ongoing shifts and jumps.

Venus will play a part this week when it moves to Pisces. It helps us with relationships and finances. With Pisces, emotions, fantasies and dreams rule. With Venus in its position it starts a trend toward the creative, spiritual and non-material world that will last for the next month. Music to my ears!

Remember that sharing any success that you’re blessed with is important. It doesn’t have to be in the form of money. There are many who need your time. Perhaps you have excellent advice to provide or could offer instruction or experience to someone nearby.

Then on Thursday Mercury ends its retrograde period. When Mercury goes forward it also helps us straighten out communication, miscommunications and technology will stop spacing out.

With communication going smooth, sharing our experiences will come natural to us. Let it and don’t second guess it. The same goes with receiving advice and help. Remember the balance and be open to get as much as you give.

On Sunday the energy triggers a flow of fresh, new experiences and ideas that will last until the middle of May.

At the end of the week we should tap ourselves on the shoulder for a month well done!

Keeping it light,


P.s I’ve started a Patreon page for any of you who would like to contribute to my work while getting more of this igniting energy. You can check it out at

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