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What's up week 14

Welcome to a new month of blooming and prosperity, to a new week and a New Moon!

This week starts up with a little bit of sticky and unbalanced energy. It’s not overwhelming but you might feel it if you are sensitive. Like you would like to be somewhere else, do something else, think about something else. Be ok with your solitude and let your light be the only companionships you look for and brilliant ideas might show up instead of that antsy feeling.

Relax and pur your focus on positive thoughts and energy and you will be fine. When the sticky moments show up, don’t hide away but acknowledge it like -Hey I see you, but I don’t want you, and then move on to shift your focus.

On Tuesday we have an elusive conjunction that can inflates this energy so it might get a bit tricky and confusing.

If you are sucked into it, then the way out is to switch your focus, intentionally. It might take some effort but once you do it, the situation changes. Where we put our focus, that’s where we land.

The week also includes some healing energy starting on Wednesday and increasing on Sunday when we will be come back to fair and balanced living.

On Friday we have an Aries New Moon, showering us with new energy to start fresh, to start this spring/autumn on a new chapter. It brings all the fiery energy and inspiration you need to plant the seeds of a new beginning in any area of your life. With both the Sun and the Moon in Aries and Aries being a sign that focus on the self, this is your chance to start something that will challenge and excite you. This is the absolute best new Moon of the year to launch a product, start a new job, relationship, or sign up to that evening course you been looking at. It’s all about timing, and this is the best time of the year to do it. Harness the fiery energy of Aries and make it work.

The weekend is about fun, it is about joy and letting loose, letting go and apricating where you are.

Keeping it light all week,


P.s if you like to dive more into the energy of this month, my reading with an igniting meditation will soon be out free for all my Patrons. Check it out at

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