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What's up week 16

It might look calm and stable on the surface but there is a lot of things brewing underneath, it is a busy Easter week, make no mistake about that.

So much so that we might be distracted and failing to see a magical opportunity or taking someone or something for granted, maybe life itself.

Daily life can be full of activities. We can become distracted not notice opportunities that are being offered to us. Or we become so focused on what we don´t have that we completely discount the gifts that we have been given.

Stay clear in your communication, with others and to yourself. Sort out what your goal is for the day, the week, the moment, and this shifts our focus naturally.

Step out in nature this week. It will help you a lot. Natures has a grounding energy and it fills our resources with its beauty and abundance. If you are in city, focus on trees, alleys, parks and anything green. There is a beautiful energy coming from Mother Earth as always and this week it is helping us a bit extra to refill our own tank and to stay open for good things in life. To see the beauty and magic that is around us every day.

Whilst you are there take time to quite your mind and heart. When doing so you can ask your guides for messages about what opportunities are around you that you may not be seeing.

Put your intention to align with natures sparkling energy every morning, for it to help you keep balanced, energized, open and grateful.

On Wednesday Mercury shifts sign and with that communication shift into a fast-paced aggressive space for the next four weeks. This is a time to be careful with your words and not say everything you think. Remember to keep your focus and connection to nature.

At the end of the week we have a Full Moon in Libra and at this time, we need the connection to Mother Earth and her beautiful nature a bit extra. She is also sending a divine energy going through us all at the end of the week, lifting our hearts, connecting us to Universal Love and abundance. It’s up to us to stay open and connected.

The Libra Full Moon on Friday is special because it’s the second Libra Full Moon of the year. This offers us an unusual second chance to bring your outstanding financial and relationship issues to a proper conclusion.

Saturday, we get help from productive energy to manifest our visions in the physical world. Perfect day to daydream!

Keeping it light,


P.s on Friday you can join me live online for a Full Moon mediation with possibilities to ask questions and chat after. More information about that at: Moon Meditation

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