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What's up week 18

Going in for some smooth sailing this week.

It is a calm and quite week, almost like we are taking steps backwards. Going within for answers and reflections. Reviewing our health, our financial status and our work situation. Are we doing what fulfils us? Are we walking on a path that feels light and right or are we doing what we think is expected or out of habit?

Take a good look. Sometimes it can be the smallest alteration that change the bigger picture. Maybe a minor adjustment and suddenly you are exactly where you like to be. Remember that fulfilment comes from ourselves. We can’t seek it or expect it to be handed to us. It comes from inner balance and acceptance of who we are.

Good thing is that we get some excellent help with these questions and reflections from Saturn that goes retrograde on Monday. Saturn being the planet of our own; authority, teacher of respect, rules and virtues asks and helps us to take a good look at these aspects of ourselves.

This shift into reveres marks the best time of the year to review our career situation, re-evaluate our life direction to consolidate our resources. Because Saturn always means “less is more” this four-and-a -half month retrograde period is a useful time to go back over the seeds of the past and weed out what you don´t need.

Also are you managing your resources wisely? Is there a balance in how you spend and save? If not, take this opportunity to create a balance that works for you.

Look at if you are you spending to freely? Or if you are holding on so tightly that there’s no joy in it for you?

If you are being miserly with your abundance, the Law of Attraction can become blocked. This refers to other things than finances. It can apply to all aspects of your life where you are giving to much or not enough. Use the energy from Saturn in reverse to go deep within and see where or if there is a shift that could help you out.

Do this without comparing yourself to others. That only creates confusion and has no relevance to your life. When we compare, we easily judge and then we may not see things as they truly are. We could feel as though we don’t have enough when really, we’re more blessed than we realize…

On Wednesday 1 of May many cultures have different celebrations. The Celts called it Beltane and in Sweden it’s called Valborg. A celebration made to start the beginning of summer. Special bonfires are lit, and their flames, smoke and ashes are thought to have protective powers over cattle’s that’s being led out to the summer fields. This night was seen as having extra supernatural presences hanging around. The fires together with some singing and dancing where a way to keep these away and the cattle safe. The fires are also a symbol to chase the darkness of the winter away and proceed to lighter days. Another tale is that Beltane dew is thought to bring beauty and maintain youthfulness, maybe with some help from some friendly fairy presence.

By the very end of this week we have a Taurus New Moon. If the last Full Moon in Libra was balancing us, this is grounding us, beautifully and big time. Connecting us to Mother Earth, to our roots, so that we can move high. The deeper we put down our anchor into Earth, the higher we can go without the fear of being lost in space.

This moon comes with a strong and silent strength. It’s a pragmatic and organized Taurus New Moon on Saturday/Sunday and it adds further grounding and support to the Saturn retrograde qualities.

New Moon period is a time where start-ups and beginnings are a good and at this time, they will be solid and grounded, following the flow of the energy.

Any new beginnings initiated during the two-week period of the New Moon will also be added with a boost this Sunday when we get increases personal confidence.

The New Moon peaks here in Sweden on Sunday (5/5 shortly after midnight) and I will do a live group Moon meditation online. If you like to join you can sign up and read more about that here.

Keeping it light,


P.s for those of you who like to go deeper with your energy work, on Wednesday when have a shift of the month I will do a reading and a balancing ignition/mediation for the Month of May. It will be out on my Patreon page with access to all my patrons.

Maybe we’ll get some of that magic morning Beltane dew into this meditation as well…!

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