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What's up week 19

It’s not a bad idea to step into a bit of extra emotional armour this week. To keep our distance while we keep on taking one step ahead of the other, without looking around too much.

We can otherwise feel bombarded, or attacked, even though we are not. It’s just everyone trying to sort out their own business, the best possible way for them. It’s not personal.

It all begins on Monday when we have a communication slowdown. Information might not be as fast-paced and stimulating as it has been over the last three weeks. However, it’s certain to be more stable and down-to earth. Once you make a choice, it will be almost impossible to change it.

On Wednesday we will score high on intuition and flashes of insights bot low on methodical analysis. It makes this a week when it will be super-easy to jump to the wrong conclusion.

That can bring confusion but also a sticky energy that lacks understanding for the bigger picture. Before reacting, ground yourself with the always loving Mother Earth. Take some deep breaths and listen to your heart. Nothing gets better by pouring gasoline on fire. Stay in your strenght.

One of the saddest times of the year comes on Tuesday when we have energy that correspond to feeling of isolation, loneliness or rejection. The best way to move out of this is to try not to take matters personally, work on self-love and acceptance, keep reminding yourself that it will all turn out okay in the end then go outside and connect.

Another challenge this week comes on Thursday when it can get tuff for relationships. Whether its romantic, work or friends, we sometime go through challenges. This isn’t a time to give up, just because the planets are creating some challenging energy. There can be a resolution to a problem, so don’t give up yet. Stay in the place of faith.

By the end of the week we are moving out of the stickiness from this week.

This all might sound all challenging or negative but that’s not the whole picture. It is a week where we connect and strengthen our core. We will hear what we really want, when being put on to the edge and truly feel what it is, we want. Also, to understand that it is not only okay, but fine to be our own person, to have our own thoughts and make our own choices when they come from a grounded and loving place.

Whether your surrounding understands it or not.

So, a good week to take our steps and move along from an inner strength that is letting us know where to go.If you like some help ground your energy, have a look at my Taurus New Moon meditation that was very relaxing, grounding and mind clearing. You’ll find it here: New Moon Meditation

Keeping it light,


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