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What's up week 20

We are having a lot of emotions this week. They may be solid or unfounded, but they all feel real. Tread lightly. Know that there is something else going on that is pushing you to feel this way.

Something we need to see or understand, so we can change it and move on. Even though it fills the day with thoughts that might be spinning, it’s a transition going on.

Try to accept the feeling without holding on to it. Accept if you feel low, down, angry, then let It pass.

Don’t analyse the who’s and what-ifs. It won’t help you move further this week, just the acknowledgment and focus on lighter days. This is how you shift your energy the fastest this week.

It does not mean to do nothing. It’s a mental acceptance of what your body already knows, so it can continue to take you to that brighter path.

On Monday we have a powerful trine from the Sun to Pluto that is handy if you want to exert your influence on a situation or if you feel the need to create a path to a deep-seated desire.

The forecast shifts on Wednesday with two different energy shifts that are coming our way.

The first is a plus. Venus will be in Taurus for the next four weeks, which means that if you don’t get greedy, you can anticipate a month of harmony in love and finances. The second shift later that day is the opposite and can put you on guard, when Mars the planet that likes to slash and burn, goes under water in Cancer. So, if you feel a little more crabby than usual from now until the beginning of July, it’s because this type of fire-water combinations sensitive and tends to be defensive. Remember the work we’ve done all week with accepting and acknowledging our mood.

The communications highway looks like a smooth ride this week.

Then we have a beautiful and strong Scorpio Full Moon coming up on Saturday. One where its fiery qualities and hidden gems will help us move on further. This Full Moon has the necessary juice to transform something negative into something positive. It’s a time to illuminate repressed feelings, dirty secrets and other skeletons that have been rattling around in your inner closet. It’s the best time of the year to push the “I’m finally going to let that go” button and make it stick.

Listen to your heart it will give you intuitive insights you can trust and give you clarity on whatever situation that is troubling you.

Know that you can create happiness!

Keeping it light,


P.s The 26 of May I’m doing another love online Pure Heart Ignition. You can read more about how to sign up here.

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