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What's up week 22

Things are blooming this time of the year. What you have sown are now coming to the surface, but we are not done. This week we continuing to work with our inner sticks and stones to see the result become visible. Moving us along we have two tricky planetary situations that could prove to be important turning points. Sometimes we need a nudge to shift track, right!

While we can experience a fondness for the unconscious it may conflict with an overly optimistic energy and fight its way for your attention with an energy of tense communication. It might be easy to fall off the beaten path and not even know it! But hey maybe that is exactly what we are supposed to be doing. If you feel unsure, listen to your heart and body, it has some excellent advice for you.

Communicate with yourself and others with compassion and understanding. Speak kindly and see if there is a compromise to be had, if necessary, whilst holing your integrity.

Continue to do your work, keep moving one step at a time. Hold your vision, hold the feeling you wish for and listen in, to your heart and trust in a good result.

By the end of the week there are festivities in the air. It is a joyful energy and a good time to be around friends, family, pets, whatever makes your day. Maybe it’s time with yourself? Whatever it is, it is a light and joyful energy moving in.

On Sunday we get some extra help to ground ourselves moving forward.

Keeping it light


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