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What's up week 23

Just like the wind blows, pushing the leaves forward, so is the energy doing with us this week. Seemingly without a goal or destination, off course not, but seemingly.

This can make us feel a little bit uneasy, a little bit anxious and maybe even irritated at times.

The remedy is to take deep breaths, to calm our mind, our body and release control. Keep walking, keep moving, make it our goal to be on a lookout for makes us feel good. Actively search these diamonds that lifts us in life and go after them.

Know that it is an energy from the New Moon on Monday that is pushing us and at the same time we some other energy from two planets changing place that is creating a friction. We can use this to something productive when we let the wind move us and be on a look-out for the good in life instead of focusing on what’s wrong.

Why not try and see the world through the eyes of a child. A world that overflows with joyful and amazing moments, big or small.

Get in touch with that bright outlook that still lives within you and it can provide unexpected inspiration for your current situation. Think back to times in your life that has been similar to where you are now. Make notes about how you handled those events and how you might apply what you learned to the present.

Take special care to see the past accurately, without putting a spin in any direction. Look at it from an neutral perspective.

The energy starts to rise already on Monday as the restless Gemini New Moon brings impatience to plant the seeds of something new with focus on communications, learning something new, planning a short trip or getting in touch with siblings and close friends.

On Tuesday communications move to a more sensitive and emotional level for the next three weeks. With this comes a tendency to take things more personally and you may feel more crabby and defensive than usual. It might to be harder to separate what is real and true and what just looks good.

If so remember the above, breath, let go of control and look for life’s true diamonds.

On Saturday our attitude towards love and money lightens and might even become a bit unfocused for the next month.

There will also be a lot of opportunities and our job for the next month is to figure out which possibility is the best choice for us and then stick to it.

See now the importance of keeping a light mind and focus on what brings us joy. This is what we want to take with us moving on, not the other end of the stick.

The week ends Sunday with some low energy, temporary fogginess and a desire to escape. A good day to get some extra sleep and enjoy your dreams.

Keeping it light,


P.s On Sunday I’m off on a beautiful Energy Adventure to West Norway, themed Universal Connection. An amazing energy that has pumped up the volume these last days. You can read more about it at

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