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What's up week 24

This week there is an energy brewing/coming from Mother Earth or from within us, if you like, that is shape shifting and transforming. We might feel it or sense it and if not, it is still here. Then we may notice it later on, a new set of thoughts, ideas and reactions popping up in our system.

As always, we can’t control or force it, we can only accept and flow with it. This is something happening whether we are aware or not and it’s an energy that will lift us to a new gear.

A good position to go through the week is to remember to manage ALL our resources wisely. What we give comes back to us. Are we spending to freely, are we holding on to tight? This doesn’t apply only to money but everything like our time, health, food, relaxation, mindfulness, joy and the list goes on.

Also, comparing ourselves to others is a way of holding back and creates confusion and unnecessary stress since we may then not be seeing things as they truly are. This creates a distorted reality of as though we don’t have enough or are enough, when really, we are more blessed than we realize.

If you’re in line for any kind of reward for previous good deeds, Monday is a time when you might get it. It’s a day with increased chances for happiness and success. The only caution is to stay within the limits of reality.

On Thursday we get a desire to fight for the underdogs. This day also has a mystique and ethereal sexiness that can attract a spiritual type of romance into your life.

The energy slows down on Friday and that’s when we’re going to have to put a lot of effort into getting what we want. This lasts only for a week, but we should prepare ourselves to hang on for the long run.

So, it’s a somewhat noticeable still week and at the weekend we will do well by taking it easy, taking care of our body and chill. It will have done a lot behind the scenes throughout the week.

I’m right now on an Energy Adventure in Norway and I’m so blown away by the energy, magic and beauty of this place. Today is the first day that I’ll be heading out and work with energies themed Universal Connection. The whole area vibrates like a tuning fork and I’m so happy to be here to pick up this energy and bring it with me back into my continued work and coaching.

If you like more live updates on this adventure you can join my Patreon page where I’ll be posting information and maybe some meditation from the area. (

Keeping it Honest, Pure and Raw


P.s 17 of June is the next live online group Full Moon Meditation. To read more about that, go to

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