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December Pure Heart Calendar - 21/12

Welcome to my Pure Heart calendar opening day 21.

Today is a beautiful Solstice energy (Winter in the Northern hemisphere and Summer in the Southern) and here in the Northern parts it’s the shortest day of the year.

It is also a day when we the Sun shifts and now starts to move towards the light.

We also have a major happening in the sky when Jupiter and Saturn conjunct and we now start the age of Aquarius.

I speak more about this in today’s calendar opening and with the quick meditation we connect to a part of this energy to reawaken our body and heart to this new flow.

This is a beautiful day to come together for global meditations.

There are plenty to choose from online, see what draws your attention and take some time to connect with the world in this most unusual happening.

Make sure you have some time to be still and relax with the meditation before moving on with the day.

Love and Joy


P.s If you don’t have the time to join a live meditation, you can just remind yourself now and then open your heart and send loving thoughts to this shift and our world.

Music in meditation – Moby LA3


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