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December Pure Heart calendar 8/12

Relax and integrate the known with new ideas from the unknown in a beautiful balance. Today it's about balance.

Warm welcome to day 8 in my December Pure Heart Calendar opening!

The energy today is asking us to process and balance this years, months, days experience, our new ways with our recognised knowledge.

To blend the best of the known with our new ideas from the unknown.

Take a moment and observe a habit, thought pattern, action, reaction. Is this from the “old” you and if so, is it something you like to take with you further down the road?

Or has the time come to use your new inner knowledge and let it take action in your outer world. Let’s blend the two in a perfect timing, one that isn’t forced or pushed but allowed and trusted.

In today’s igniting meditation we get some help along the way to step into our balance.

This week I am using The Medicine Woman Tarot by Carol Briges.

Make sure you have some time to be still and relax with the meditation before moving on with the day.

Love and light


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Music - Music “The Inner calling” composed by Music Of Wisdom - Licensed from "


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