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I am a Life-Hacker

Spring is here and the days are getting longer. Filling our body with energy and inspiration.

The other day inspiration is exactly what I got when talking to my 18-year-old nephew and godson about my work. He transformed it into his world and vocabulary and said, Maria, you are a Life-hacker.

I loved that description. It is exactly part of what I do. I connect with your heart through the universal energy net to see where the system needs updating, clearing and sometimes reprogramming.

I’m a Life-hacker and I enjoy it.

Right now, I’m on a 10 day fast to do a body spring-cleanse and I’ve reached the state where I’m still hungry but full of feel good vibes and energy.

I love it when the body rewards us taking care of it.

Now I would like to take care of you and have decided to leave a 25% discount on any item in my shop bought before the 31 of March 2020.

To use the discount, write SPRING as a promo code before checking out.

The code can be used once per person.

Let’s hack away!

Love and Light




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