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I am now on Insight Timer App

Hi, some time ago i was invited as a teacher to the app Insight Timer and as i'm sure you all know there are so many platforms to be seen and heard that i didn't reflect to much about it at that time,

However having a lot of time post surgery I've checked it out and love it. Its filled with beautiful practices, meditations, teachers, workshops and more.

So, I've joined and started to slowly build my profile (as the one handed bandit I am at the moment). My vision is to add shorter meditations, workshops and who knows what else in this app. Meditation Jam will continue as a podcast as well as the moon meditations. This will be more themed meditations as well as shorter practices and workshops.

If you are already on the app, make sure to follow me for updates of when I've added something new. If you haven't got the app here is a link to my profile:

It's free and also a possibility to become a premium member if you like to go deeper with some of the work, but plenty to listen to without.

Love and Light



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