Live Guided Meditation 8/8


I've been wanting to try out Zoom for my guided live meditations and think this could be a good opportunity. We are right now going through the Lionsgate energy portal and it peaks at the 8/8, before closing on the 12/8.

You can join me live on Zoom the 8 of August at 4Pm Swedish time (Click here for time converter. Add Stockholm as one city).

I'll tune into the energy of the day and take us on an inner igniting journey through a guided meditation.

It's free to join and if you can't make the time, no worries, I will release an audio of the meditation on my Youtube and Soundcloud channels after.

If you like to join go to: Zoom meeting

Meeting ID: 895 2545 3199

Passcode: 1yMZU0

Remember to save the date in your calandar.

See you on the 8th!

Love and joy


P.s if you are new on Zoom (like me) you don't need an account to join, if you follow the invitation link above. Also if you are still in your PJ's or just don't want to be seen, click the Audio button when entering and your are not visible.


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