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August has soon passed and this Sunday (29/8) I will host the last Sunday Evening Meditation for this month. I Like to mix it up and we have done Monday mornings in July, Sunday evenings in August, so I thought Mid week and Mid day in September could be fun.

A way to take a short break from lunch to anchor, pause, regroup and fill up with some igniting energy.

I hope you will join me and it will be at my Pure Heart Studio on Facebook.

I'll go live at 1PM (Swedish time) every Wednesday and as always if you can't make the "live" time, the recordings are there for you when you have the possibility and the energy is timeless.

It's free but you need to have joined the group at least 5 minutes before start to catch the live meditation.

It's suitable for both advanced and beginners. All you need is a good internet connection, a quite place or good headphones and off we go on our inner journey to peace and energy.

Let's rock September with inner peace and connection!



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