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Join me every day from 1-24 of December for some Pure Heart inspiration and energy

The first 24 days of December I will give you all a quick meditation (3-10 minutes depending on day and energy), maybe some tips around the current energy, tarot card and more. The content isn’t set in stone and I will go with the flow.

The only thing I know for sure is that there will be a quick meditation everyday for you to ground your body and anchor with your heart, which is my goal with this. For us to move through December with an open and strong heart.

Every Friday during this time I will also pick a winner, whom I will do a personal Pure Heart Ignition with, in January, from a distance.

In this Ignition I will tune in to your energy, listen to your heart and what it wants you to know and then do a tailor-made guided meditation to help along the way. It will be recorded and send to you as an Mp3.

To join the raffle you have to be a subscriber to this blog (se top of blog page) and like my Thursday post on Facebook or Instagram or here in the blog, (I will remind you all every Thursday).

Once you’ve signed into the blog you are part of the raffle all 24 days, when you also like the Thursday weekly social media post.

I look forward to spread some light and joy in December and hope you'll join med.

Peace and light



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