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Pure Heart Ignition 31 of May

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Sunday 31 of May (World Meditation day) I will host a live online group Pure Heart Ignition.

Why - To open our pure heart Why -To get in touch with our light Why -To hear our inner voice Why -To know what we want Why -To make grounded, fun and solid choices in life

Themed energy at this Pure Heart Ignition is Love.

Love, the infinite connection. Above all, through all and within all. Love is our source deep within Universe. Love is our expansion, our creativity, our power.

Connect to it and let it move through your whole being. See the world change in an instant. See magic appear in front of your eyes and feel your body shift.

Stand in and with the power of Love.

The 31 of May at 7pm (Swedish time) we'll connect online. I'll take you on an inner journey where we ignite our heart energy through a guided meditation and the energy of Love that we'll be working with this day. If you like to join but can't make the exact time, you will get a link to the replay emailed to you shortly after, when signing up in advance.

Price - Free

To join you need to sign up through this link; Pure Heart Ignition Please let me know if you have any question before joining! Love and light Maria


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