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Pure Heart Ignition 22 of October

Welcome to join me on the 22 of October at 1PM for a live group online Pure Heart Ignition. Through a guided meditation we will connect to an energy helping us to Release.

What will be individual for all. It could be thought pattern, a behavior, a reaction, a belief, a person/persons, a job, a habit, a situation, an energy, you name it.

When I got the theme for this Pure Heart Ignition I had such a light and lovely feeling. So I'm guessing it will be something that might have been weighing us down for some time.

We'll do the work through a guided meditation where I tune in to the energy, so that it can connect with your where you are at this point in life.

If you like you can already today think if there is something you like to release, with a smile to make room for something new to expand and grow. However your heart might steer you in another direction on Saturday so be flexible around the subject.

With us this day we also have Saturn, the planet of resistance and change turning direct after being in revers since June. Also Venus Star Point change and it is now starting to travel direct as an evening star which is said to help us activate feelings of self-love, self-nourishment and to bring beauty into our inner world .

We'll meet up at my Facebook group Pure Heart Studio and if you can't join live, you are more than happy to catch the replay in the group.

It's free and all you need is a quite and comfortable place to listen with a good internet connection. I also recommend you keep pen and paper close buy if you like to journal your inner journey.

Please let me know if you have any questions before we start.

Love and Light



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