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Pure Heart Ignition 30 of December

Welcome joining me on this years last live Pure Heart Ignition on the 30 of December at 5PM Swedish time (check out your timezone here) for a live group online Pure Heart Ignition. Through a guided meditation we will connect to an energy that is about A New Voice. A voice that comes from your Pure Heart, moving pass blockages and out. What you then decide to do with it is up to you.

This autumn we have in previous Pure Heart Ignitions worked with an energy to Release and to Open our Heart and now it's time to let your inner wisdom surface.

On Friday we'll connect to our New Voice through a guided igniting meditation where I tune in to the energy, so that it can connect with yours where you are at this point in life.

We'll meet up at my Facebook group Pure Heart Studio and if you can't join live, you are more than welcome to catch the replay in the group. If this is your first time you can also check out previous Pure Heart Ignitions at the studio.

It's free and all you need is a quite and comfortable place to listen with a good internet connection. I also recommend you keep pen and paper close by to journal your inner journey after.

Please let me know if you have any questions before we start.

Love and Light



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