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Pure Heart Studio on Facebook

I am so happy to welcome you to my new Pure Heart Studio!

It is a space for you to join igniting guided meditations online, be able to ask question around the meditations and/or share your experience. Sometimes we may have thoughts, feelings, questions straight away and sometimes it can come some time after, when we start to see and feel the shift. In the Pure Heart Studio it's easy to reconnect to an energetic work we've done and also to go back and relisted to any of the previous meditations, if you like.

The first live online meditation will be on the 24 of June when we'll connect to the Full Moon in Capricorn. More information about that will soon be up at the Studio.

I will also do some summer live meditations in July.

It's a closed group on Facebook and you can follow this link to join:

I connect to different energies, by tuning in to the vibration like a radio station and transmit the broadcast to you. It can be a moon phase, a season, a place, an element or just about anything that sends out a high vibration that will help us on our soul journey.

My key and guide is a Pure Heart Energy I’ve been working with for over a decade.

My aim is for us to have easy access to our own wisdom in a peaceful and joyful approach anytime of the day.

The channeled igniting meditations you can join here are a help on the way.

They help us open to a way of life - where our inner light co-exists with our "daily"-self in a brilliant combination

I love to pass on this helpful energy and the more of us that connect with it, the stronger it becomes.

I hope to meet you at Pure Heart Studio.

Love and Light,



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