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Pure, Raw and Happy

A more joyful new way of life straight from your heart.

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I am here to activate your life force, and connect you to your souls purpose.
I do this through my pod "Meditation Jam with Maria Rinné",
online channeled group meditations,  
individual energy ignitions and activating Coach programs, my portal Pure Heart Membersand online courses.

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 The center in all my work is a beautiful energy I call Pure Heart Energy. It helps deepen and expand your communication with your limitless wisdom to peacefully ignite joy, confidence and purpose into your day. This energy communicates  straight with your heart, bypassing history and ego

Free online

Come join my free 7- day Feelgood challenge. You can do it in your own time. In this challenge you'll get tools, energy meditations, affirmations, and more as well as me guiding you through step by step to your Feelgood goal.

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I am in the process of releasing my first book - Pure, Raw and Happy....

If you like to read more about it and make sure you get a notification when you can pre-order -  click here

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