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Pure, Raw and Happy

A more joyful new way of life straight from your heart.

* If you are aware that some areas of life are not working the way you would like them to…
* If life is okay on paper but you don’t feel fulfilled…
*If you would like to expand your days from good to even better…
* If you heard your souls calling and become curious to discover its guidance…
*If you have a feeling that there is more to life and yourself…


The energy I bring is for you to experience a more joyful new way of life. We’ll use it to connect beyond your minds limitations as well as practical tools and online meetings.

Maria Rinné Energy Coach
Maria Rinné Energy Coach
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Maria Rinné Energy Coach

The center in all my work is a beautiful energy I call Pure Heart Energy. It helps deepen your connection with your own limitless wisdom to peacefully ignite joy and confidence into your day. This energy communicates  straight with your heart, bypassing history and ego I host the pod "Meditation Jam with Maria Rinné", online group meditations at my Pure Heart Studio and my passion is to spread this energy far and wide. 

Free Master Classes

You can already today listen to some of my free online classes. They are usually around one hour with a guided meditation included.

Master Class
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I am in the process of releasing my first book - Pure, Raw and Happy....

If you like to read more about it and make sure you get a notification when you can pre-order -  click here

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