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Magical Mystery Tour Lake Como has started

First day of this years Italian Magical Mystery Tour and it feels Brilliant!

I usually look for signs while travelling, like to see if I can guess theme's outsider the set ones and today it didn't take long.

It's a major Female Energy roaming this adventure, and no wonder the whole lake is formed as a big Y / The Female sign.

Arriving to this lovely city first task was to open up in a short heart ceremony, so that all energier that are suppoesed to come are invited. Then The intention was switsched on as well - asking for help to please show the way and let the energier do what they are supposed to do.

It's been very similiar energy as on the first day of the last two journeys - a day of soaking in the atmosphere, opening up and getting tuned with the areas energy waves. In other words - aligning and getting ready for tomorrow. Exciting!

This place/country is also about indulging and relaxing. I don't think I've been to a energy journey jet that has been this relaxed in ways of leaving everything thats going on in life behind and just be in the moment in this beautiful land. It's very refreshing and happens without effort, so far.

So after a day of getting tuned, enjoying the atmosphere and just beeing It's time to thank the energierna and guids for this day, to start a new set of intentions and adventure tomorrow.

Keeping it light!

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