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What's up week 18...

In the week that we have in front of us the economics looks expansive and abundant when the Sun tags Jupiter on Tuesday (3/5). And repeats the same move with Pluto on Saturday (7/5).

It’s a great week to take time and reward yourself for your wonderful achievements. You deserve a little relaxation, nurturing and peace. Enjoy the fruits of your labours. Do something that feels truly luxurious and self-loving. Cherish your time!

We also have a New Moon on Friday (6/5) with the same theme of luck and power that gives energy to the world of what you value. This New moon is the third super moon of the year which despite mercury in retrograde makes it a good time to start new projects, relationships and business ventures. Sunday is the only day this week that might be a bit tricky, so keep your cool and your energy grounded.

Every month I do a monthly energy update, where we get some tips of how to move with the months energy in best possible way to keep our balance.

For May (you can hear it at Club Pure Heart - Monthly Update), it was all about letting the energies that we've been receiving through the last 12 months start to bloom.

For it to flower in best possible way it's advised to take care and nurture ourselves, thoughts and bodies.

During May the Sun is a great influence and here to help us empower and strengthen our energy and there’s a quick and easy mediation to connect (check it out at News) to do every day one or several times. Maybe Sunday several times will be needed.

Keep it light!

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