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I’m very excited about finding out where we will land with the energy tools of Connection in todays guided meditation (18/10).

In our busy life it is hard to stay connected even to our own inner core, let alone nature and life. When we disconnect with ourselves we lose touch with our natural way and if we are not careful that can lead to some rocky roads with our body after some time shouting STOP, in some way or another. Forcing us to stand still, step back and listen.

Even then it’s hard since then we might be so confused of what it is we need to do and so hooked in old habits and musts that we still don’t listen.

It also becomes harder to move on, when we don’t have sight of which road to take. In its place we choose the first that comes along or the one that we think (not feel) is the right one due to social structure and habits. Instead of taking some time to turn inwards and listening we go with what’s been done before, even if it stopped working. The result usually another bodily or mental breakdown. Our body is our compass in life and it speaks load and clear in different ways until it can make us listen, hopefully before we’ve gone too far.

One fast way to connect and open up is art. Art makes us stop, open up our minds for a short or long time and when we open up we connect not only to ourselves but to all that is.

It could be music, poems, theatre, a great book or why not natures art like a sunset. For a while we stop the buzz in our head and get into another world that makes us feel something on a deeper level, connecting to something that is hard to describe but we know it’s real and with us all the time. We are just too busy to stay there, or so we think we are….

That something that is hard to describe is our connection with our core, with the energy of love and with all there is. It’s so big and so beautiful that it moves us whenever we get in touch with it. It’s that feeling we might call magic but in truth it should be called natural because it’s our natural state before all outer layers of life has been added.

Another way to connect is to go out in nature. To be still in nature long enough to start to hear it speak. Fill our lungs with air, hear the sound and smell the aroma to become one and really take it in. Align with the four elements and again get that feeling of something bigger than ourselves that moves us and connects us.

That is so energizing and usually we think it’s because of all the fresh air but I also believe it’s due to us reconnecting with earth instead of isolating our energy. Kind of like meeting a good old friend you haven’t seen in a long time.

Or we can connect through meditation or any other healthy activity that silence your buzz. Something that makes your analysing and controlling part of the brain be still long enough to start to let its natural parts come forth. That being our inner voice speaking up, letting us know what is our real thoughts, real feelings and true direction in life.

If we do it long enough and often enough, finally it takes over and we can start follow and make decisions in life from our core, heart and soul without hesitation or fear.

When we feel we are connected to all this beauty and grandness and we are part of its structure, then we understand what’s best for us, for earth and for humankind.

A total win/win situation, so let's connect!

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