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Circle of Light

Right now we have an energy roaming the earth that is showing us a new way of life. The energy is helping us, but we also need to take action ourselves. One part of this is to take steps of letting our own inner light out as bright as possible so we can step into our full potential.

This isn’t always easy and might scare some off. We have layers, years and life’s of comments, habits, society and family that has moulded us to the person we are today, within appropriate boundaries. Some great and some diminishing. Very few knows what our own light will bring or look like. Maybe it will be big unmanageable changes that we are not ready to handle?

My experience going through the energies in the forefront is NO. All changes that are coming with this new energy are easily manageable as long as we don’t make it a point to resist and stay in the old ways. Instead we can let it come organically by setting our intention and giving our permission to a positive smooth change.

In my transformational meditations I keep getting an energy that both lifts our inner light closer and closer to the surface and at the same time strengthen it. It becomes even brighter and stronger than before. It’s asking us to get into our full potential from inside and out in a natural and non-judgmental manner. To bring forth our own potential and not the one that others say we have. To see it, hear it and own it!

This way we can live from our hearts, where the real strength and wisdom sits. When we live from our brain (that’s been the way up until now) we put up boundaries in our lives. We analyse, judge and do all sorts of activities that by default restricts life.

When we live from our heart and let our bodies and inner light be our guides, when we trust our strength and light, then we follow the universal flow, connects with the world in a more intelligent way than our minds are up for at this stage.

It’s a work in progress and in my experience its fun, terrifying and very rewarding.

In my latest Full Moon meditation we work with energies that are helping us connect and strengthening our own light and others.

I hope you enjoy it and let your inner light shine crazy bright!

By seeing the light in others, it shines brighter within ourselves.

By seeing the light within ourselves, it shines brighter in others.

That is a circle of light!

Maria Rinné

Maria Rinné

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