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Head or Heart

We are in a massive energy shift that is a game changer when it comes how to create our life.

Going from Head based to Heart based.

This is not a small thing. We are used to and the whole society is built around Head based decision making. When we suddenly start to make decisions and create from our Hearts input, wants and intelligence, it’s a whole new ballgame.

You can’t fool your heart in the same way as your head. Your creations is usually not much bigger than the limits of your thoughts. In you’re mind you also have layers of other people’s thoughts, judgements and your own thought out perceptions of a situation or person, limiting you.

You bring your and the worlds history and future to your decisions.

Acting to and from the Heart on the other hand is a pure & limitless energy that comes out of love and joy. It has no history or future, no games or hidden agenda, only now and love.

See the problem in the transit!

We are slowly being transported into this shift.

In the new energy opening up and arriving to Earth, I am in the forefront going through it to be able to loop back and light up the way for the next gang in transition.

I must say these are strange, heavy and confusing days as well as beautiful, light days, with a deep heartfelt connection to something big and exciting. An absolute roller-coaster, at least for me.

In the last two weeks I’ve been waking up one day convinced I’ve got it. Totally trusting the process and what is happening. The next day, without any outer change in my life, I wake up totally blank with no clue to what is going on, other than something is definitely going on, since my bodily energy changed so drastic during 8 hours of sleep. It’s like my brain has been eating too much ice-cream to fast (you know when you get that brain freeze) and has just shut down, or if is my body, I really can’t tell, it’s just blank.

This can make anyone think they are going mad…. =)

Lucky for me I can ask my guides in meditations and I get the reply that this is the process. We are being “upgraded” step by step. It takes some time to assimilate to the new energy before next upgrade is doable (hence the blank confusing feelings when we’re actually in transits neutral mode and being uploaded with new energy). We might also get sad feelings parting with old luggage that we have been carrying with us, that is not suitable for next level. Some luggage has helped us to where we are now and some we’ve unintentionally picked up along the way.

No matter what kind, it’s a goodbye since it’s in a different frequency than the one we are stepping into. Only hand luggage allowed!

If you are connected enough to your heart centre or chakra, you will feel this I’m sure in different ways. The advice I’ve got from my Guides on the days that are less than fun, is to keep going, keep trusting and relax in the knowledge that this is a process.

The days when I’m in a blank mode, I now make sure I take care of myself and my body. Give it love and care (the other days this comes natural), go out in nature, put on some good music or whatever lifts my spirit and take active steps to look for joy, beauty and abundance. It doesn’t make the neutral shift go away but I makes me have a nicer day, if this is what I want this day. I also have days when all I like is to be still in silence, under my duvet. That is ok as well, as long as those days don’t take over.

My believe is that we expand by facing whatever it is coming toward us so I usually actively change my gear not to get stuck in neutral. The days, I don't I make sure not to judge myself.

If you don’t feel this shift, be sure you are going through it as well, we all are. The difference further down the line is if we let it in or not. Some of us are designed more or less to by default follow. Some might find it harder and since it’s an energy shift the latter might then have a harder time to create in life .

I don’t know when or where this is going to be done. I know we are in the midst of it and it is happening. I know it’s creating a beautiful way of life. And to be clear, we are not shutting down our brain it still very helpful for us functioning in society. We will just not use it in the same way as today.

I also know that the transformational energy meditations I’m doing is helping clear the energy and prepare our bodies for this shift that is going on.

In this one we connect to the New Moon of the 25 of May. We get help to cleans our body and align with a colourful, connected and joyful future energy.

Please Enjoy!


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