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What's up week 49

We are moving into a week that is both soft and a little bit harsh. The softness of this week is a strong flow that you may follow and focus on that path. If you go out of focus, there is the harshness. It’s up to you to be aware of what you focus on. To see where you put your attention and how you decide to tackle your day. You decide, you choose, and it can go both ways. The choice and responsibility are yours. Remember to also choose softness when you speak and act instead of harshness. Tell those around you how much they mean to you. Your words will be warmly embraced, and your truthful intentions will be honoured.

This week may also come with news worth celebrating. When the Universe plays beautiful music, dance! When life presents you with joyful news, celebrate! Remember that experiencing gratitude for what Heaven has gifted you with, naturally more happiness will be brought forth and thereby more to be thankful for. A beautiful circle to be in. Embrace the joyful moments as a drop in the ocean of all the blessings that’s in store for you.

Mercury is retrograde this week which means its time t go back and fix things that have already been done. Also, to revaluate, review and reassess, why not the whole year.

We have just left a beautiful Gemini full moon that helped us strengthen our core and it will spill over to the week. Full moon is also a good time to complete what ever it is you have going on. With Mercury retrograde a perfect time to complete and review the outcome and process.

On Saturday 9/12 there is a high energy placement that harbours passionate desires and complex emotions that may not show on the outside. History and forgiveness is a combination that needs to be taken seriously and handled with care.

Sunday 10/12 indicates great or unusual talents. There may also be confusion on Sunday. A conflict that can be hard on love and finances because Neptune brings unrealistic or disorganized perspective into the mix. Although imagination and creativity are high, it will take a lot of elbow grease to take those ideals to the bank.

Affirmation for the week; Through Love I live, Through Love I act, From Love a I react.

If you are feeling stuck in transition with this new heart energy I’m here to help. Check out for different packages.

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