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What's up week 50

This is a bright week with time to hang back, relax maybe enjoy a Christmas party and let your shoulders drop. It’s going to be the most stress-free week of the holiday season and it’s a week where our love will come through easy. Where we spread warmth, and feel the connections between us all.

Maybe some of you are feeling rushed. If so take a few deep breaths and now that you’ve got this. Know that it is ok to take a break and not only ok it is a necessity for you to continue in a focused manner.

While you sit down with your warm cup of something, start to plan and vision your next steps in 2018 with an eye on the long term in a joyful manner.

Have patience with where you are right now, there are good things to come and a feeling of satisfaction from a job well done.

You’ve accomplished much, and that hard work is paying off. The knowledge you’ve gained since the beginning of your latest endeavour can be used to create even greater successes in the future.

While you wait for your rewards to be delivered, this is a good time to take a moment and ponder your next step as well as relaxing.

On Tuesday (12/12) it’s easy to get insights from the past, notice them and use them in your future plans.

Friday (15/12) there is an energy of wit combined with charm that can sweet-talk its way around almost anything, so please don’t believe everything you hear this day.

Saturday (16/12) brings this week to an exciting and possibly unpredictable close. If you’ve got an overwhelming need to break away from something in your life that’s no longer working, treat this day and opportunity like an open door to walk right through.

Affirmation for the week - My path is defined by my focus.

Check out this weeks balancing energy meditation at the Meditation Bar.

If you are feeling stuck in transition with this new heart energy I’m here to help. Check out for different packages.

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