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What's up week 14

Beautiful you, who are walking this earth, tread lightly this week and do your work.

Take care of your words and your actions. Make sure they come from good intentions, from your heart and choose your battles, if any. Stay grounded during any emotional experience.

It’s not always necessary to get involve or push our agenda and opinion. Sometimes a lot is won by standing our ground, walking our path without preaching or trying to convince others of our way.

The week starts up with a little bit of unharmonized energy floating around. So, breath, connect with your heart, with the Earth the Sun, the Moon and stay centred.

On Wednesday there could be a wrench thrown into our work through angry or depressing communications through unharmonized vibrations going around. Again breath, stay centred and keep your path. Check out some art or listen to music or do anything that opens your heart and keeps your vision light.

End of the week we are surfacing this energy that’s been going on and either become master of dealing with it or feeling a bit worn out.

If the later, please take moments to ground yourself if you haven’t done that yet. Keep your vision, keep your goal, keep your light and stand your ground firmly.

Saturday is a good day for practical decisions concerning love or finances.

Sunday, we go back to being reminded to put in a lot of work if we want to reach our goal.

Affirmation of the week: Through my heart I see the world in a new light.

In this weeks balancing meditation at the Meditation Bar we get an energetic anchor to keep us balanced and grounded all week, we also expand our heart and throat chakras.

Keeping it light,


P.s I have a Beautiful energy adventure to Wales in May that you also can join from a distance to connected with its energies. Read more at

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