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What's up week 15

This is strong week where we get into our energy and bring the energy of Aries with us when moving forward.

A rewarding and joyful relationship is about to begin. It may be with a new person who enters your life, or it can represent a new phase of emotional intimacy with a current partner.

Open your heart to love, whether it’s the beginning of a new intimate relationship or the rebirth of a current one. When we open for universal love we also awaken our psychic abilities or spiritual epiphanies. This includes believing in yourself and your worthiness to be loved. We are happy to share, our love, our joy, our knowledge and this week we go with - the more the merrier - in whatever we do. Watch for signs form the energies and allow your intuition to guide you through your current situation.

After weeks of going inward, re-adjusting, researching, remembering ourselves and purpose we now move out and together is the new alone this week.

It’s time to take all our insights and learnings from last week’s soul searching and put it into practice in the world.

After a midweek bump in the road I looks like full speed ahead this week with a New Moon and a planetary change in the right direction. This week we get a helpful push from the energies moving forward. Sundays beautiful New Moon is there cheering us on. Use this week to finalize your plans and come weekend, start moving.

Walk, jump, run or whatever is in your path, just do it.

Wednesday signals a one-day struggle between a strong will to get things moving forward and a dark need to dig deep for buried treasure through physiological cleansing. After that heavy lift there is a collective sigh of relief on the horizon when Mercury goes direct on Sunday. Communication is getting back on track over the next few days and it’s time to stop redoing and start doing.

I see this week as a big open gate to lighter energy and it’s our choice whether we want to walk through it or stay in a denser realm.

Remember that sometimes the biggest changes come from the smallest adjustments. It’s not about dramatic actions, it could as well be a small, small change that turns things around.

On Sunday when we have a New Moon in Aires and close to Uranus, it indicates unusual and unexpected things to come. Because this is a gambler’s New Moon, it’s the best time of the year to take a risk, start something new, launch a relationship, promote a product or go on a mission.

Did I say, it’s a good week to get moving …

Affirmation of the week – I trust and listen to my body to show me my way!

In this weeks balancing meditation, we connect to the sun to expand our acceptance of love and energy. You'll find it the Meditation Bar, Lunch Time Chill.

Keeping on moving


P.s if you haven’t already check out my coming energy adventure to Wales in May, that you can follow from a distance and still get the energetic transformation. More information at

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