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What's up week 19

This could be a busy week.

It is harvest time, the field is bursting with abundance for you to start to reap, with more to come. Turn your face to the sun, open your arms and embrace the blessings that now flow directly to you.

It is a beautiful week to look at what you have accomplished, to take it in. Look at what you have manifested, see where your thoughts have taken you, where your intention has taken you. If it’s not a picture that you prefer, then it’s time to set a new intention. Expect the birth of brilliant new ideas that will lead to wonderful opportunities.

Sometimes we start up going in one direction, only to see that we would like to go somewhere else. It is all part of the journey, it is all part of reaching our goal.

To bring in more of what makes us happy, we need to appreciate what we got, appreciate the thing we have achieved and open our hearts for love to flow in. If we don’t see the right “field” in front of us, it may not be that it’s not there it could be that we are looking in the wrong direction and need to slightly change our focus.

Look out on Monday 7/5 when things can be tricky with secretive communications and manipulations and later in the day a possibility of deceit and illusions in finance and social matters. Keep your eyes and focus on what you want to bring into your life and keep going.

On Tuesday there is a struggle to pull of something really, really huge. The obstacles to attaining your goal are over-enthusiasm, pride, using too much ego and going over the top. Again, keep your focus and be grateful for what you achieved and created so far.

On Friday there is a productive energy can help bring your desire into physical manifestation. Stay grateful for the blessings of life and search for them if you don’t see them, to bring in more of that essence in your life. Remember that it’s important to treat yourself with the same kindness, respect and caring that you would a best friend or lover.

Sunday our intuition is strengthen with that there is also an increase in the general nervous tension. Things settle down later that day and communication move into the slow lane for the next two and a half weeks. Now communication will be deliberate, careful and unrushed.

Instead of relying on words to make our point, we are well of to use a hands-on approach and visual aids.

Affirmation of the week – I am grateful also for the gifts I cannot yet see.

Keeping it light!


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