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Universal unfolding

Ever since my last energy adventure to Wales I keep getting these solids aha moments where information drops into my mind from my body and the universal energy.

It feels like I’ve known them forever (and probably have), I might even have heard them spoken to me or read somewhere but not until know do I really get it. Amazing! I also have an urge to pass it on in every way I can so look out! I have a feeling I will be more active on social media and here at my blog, if you like to take part of the information.

Right now end of June we are moving through an intense time with a Solar Eclipse coming up and some planetary retrogrades urging us to go within, release and see our knots clearer to be able to release them once and for all. If you have been working with your energy for some time you are used to releasing, letting go and being peeled like an onion striving to get closer to the core.

If you just started or you feel like there is something happening that you can’t really explain at the moment and you are reacting and acting in ways you are not used to. Then you are on your way as well for some major shifts. All good!

If none of the above, don’t worry just keep moving and your time will come.

At the moment we have some weeks in front of us that can feel emotionally tuff but is an excellent possibility to see and release patterns from our old mind. We are getting a lot of energetic help from all corners of the Universe to let go, in order to speed up our path into and with the Heart Energy going on for a new way of life.

I started experience it heavily yesterday when old situations started to show up and trigger me negatively. It was several different situations and by the end of the day I thought it to be more funny than annoying when my mind wanted to go off in a negative spin, seeing that I could spot the attempts from my old energy to keep me there. The difference I found was that my body instantly put up a red flag giving me the signs that my thinking and behaviour was not in alignment with my heart energy but an old behaviour. It was almost like I got s speaker voice in my ear stopping me get deeper into these old feelings, so that I could turn around and look at the situation from another view. It was actually quite amazing and every time it happened and I turned the mood I felt even lighter and more excited just by noticing and being able to shift.

I wrote in my blog a few days ago that during this time we need to keep ourselves and mind light, sleep well, eat well and so on and this is so that we can notice when we step out of a possible light way into a denser old way. When we keep our mind and body light and as well as we can then we hear it quicker. So again my advise is for these coming month and especially two weeks to take good care of yourself. Like make it as important as going to work or eating. If we do this then we have the possibility to hear it and move forward by releasing old karma and old energetic garbage we might be carrying

But don’t take my word for it, try it and see what happens!

Also, when these situations turn up it is off course important to have the courage and intention to act in a new way and not to stay in old behaviour whether we understand what is happening or not. Go with our body compass, listen to what it is telling us and look upon life from a wider view and a big scoop of humour and curiosity.

Please share your experiences of this if you are going through something similar and notice your shifts either here or with your friends and family.

Love always,


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