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What's up week 43

It’s been some time since my last weekly "What’s up". What I thought was a summer break turned out to be a few months where this part of my work hasn’t been flowing, at all.

It’s been like my body gone through some recalibrating where all I could do was step back and wait for the right time to restart.

This weekend my writing spirit was ignited again, with a strong desire to get going and I’m so happy!

I feel there’s been an energy this autumn teaching us about allowing ourselves to be still, in the now without expectations or control. It’s been about acceptance, in different shapes and forms. With the goal I believe to help us fully accept ourselves in this heart energy and the way it reshapes our thoughts and choices.

For me it showed up in the form of allowing myself to let go and just be. To understand that sometimes that is all we have to do. Not every season or hour needs to be a life altering choice, decision or movement. Sometimes the movement is doing nothing, long enough to connect with a new layer of energy, a new version of ourselves.

So, I’ve been practising to follow my body even when it said nothing this autumn. It’s been many days when I’ve been feeling completely neutral, with no idea what, why or how to take the next step on my spiritual path.

When you are used to getting strong inclinations of whether to turn left or right it’s been a hard lesson to stand still and trust the silence.

Now I see the beauty in it and how it is equally as important to sometimes be still as it is to move. Both sides are about trust. Trust the flow, trust the timing, trust the process with its energy and trust yourself to be exactly where you are supposed to be.

I’ve worked with feeling out of order, strange and at some points lazy. The program that hard work is the only way and there is no time to waste is so deeply routed that the notion of stepping back has been difficult for my mind to grasp. To understand that we are enough with just going about our day, being ourselves.

On the other hand, an inner voice kept telling me, it’s ok and just as it should be. I’ve still showed up every day ready to go just to be send back to neutral position.

Then it happened like a flash of light I found myself inspired to write, move and get going. Not out of routine or “should’s” but from a creative source and fire.

What I’ve learned during these months is to accept that there is no rush, that time is not an issue and I see the beauty in the essence of stillness as well as movement. How amazing it all works and this time I had to be pushed into a void to realize how brilliant the balance is.

I’m so grateful to this lesson of acceptance and allowing life as it is, through the main essence of trust.

This week there is a What’s up and I have no idea if they’ll keep coming regularly or how the format will be. All I know is that when the energy moves through me to speak out, I will for sure find a way to pass it on.

Moving into this week 43 - beautiful energy is coming and are already here. Energy that is expanding our view in the way of expanding our thoughts of possibilities.

By doing so, by expanding our minds capacity of how good it can get, we remove blockages and open to more possibilities, to higher creations, magic when we tune in with our infinite heart energy.

To expand, put your intention to this and let your energy do its work. You do not want to control this process.

Trust yourself and your energy and the week is a week of surprises. A week of good things showing up whether it will be within, in regards of releasing blockages, or something happening in your daily life.

The week also contains a Sun sign change. With Scorpio moving through the Sun it’s a good time to heal old wounds, get closure on old passion, recycle things you no longer need and most importantly forgive yourself. All on the road to expand our possibilities. Letting go of old skeletons to make room for the good stuff.

The Taurus Full Moon on Wednesday brings stability, strength and shines a spotlight on completions through crises, change and transformation. Again, a signal that it’s time to let go of anything you no longer need, including negative emotions.

Doing this, thing start to happen. Things start to move. You are ready, you are prepared. Trust and choose with your heart, choose out of joy on this light-path you are now walking upon.

The end of the week is a little bit foggier. You may think you don’t see clearly and this is where your trust comes back to play. Trust your body, trust your instinct and trust your heart. Keep on walking one step at a time.

Be generous to your surroundings and be kind. Please understand there is some confusion going on where people might react or backlash because things are happening that they don’t control or understand. It is not personal, it is out of not knowing or/and confusion.

Again, be kind, be generous and instead of listening to the words, listen to the energy with your heart.

Connect if you like to the solid Earth and loving Universe, keeping you grounded and open.

Reward yourself this week for all your hard work. Do something that feels truly luxurious and self-loving. Cherish you time alone and relax in energy of trust and love.

Have a beautiful week!

Keeping it light,


P.s on Wednesday I’ll be doing a Full Moon meditation that will be available at my YouTube channel “Keep it light”

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