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What's up week 8

It is a beautiful energy this week with soft flowing vibrations that is being gentle, uplifting and building our core. This awakens our desire for a more meaningful life and decision could be made to leave situations that is no longer in your highest good. You will realize this and feel the strength to move on. You can take small daily steps until the changes you desire are in place or move quick. The most important is that you evaluate the situation honestly and open and then move towards happiness. You are ready!

Stay alert and be aware of deep unconscious undercurrents that can derail you if you forget that this is a time of ending and bringing things to their natural completion. If you feel yourself becoming stressed, agitated or out of your element, take a step back, breath and silence your mind. Connect to the energy of the week by intention and then start to move again.

Om Monday intuition is on high and your emotions will be running the show for the next thirty days. The emotional and creative sides of life are also accentuated by a big bright Super Full Moon on Tuesday. This Full Moon is a reminder of things that have come full circle and are starting over again.

Remember to take the steps and trust that you are ready. This can start a significant change to your life. Your desire for deeper truth is banging on the door and you will arrive at the turning point natural.

Communication will also be tuned to an intuitive channel this week and produce imaginative and productive ideas.

At the end of the week you have the opportunity to bloom in all different ways. It is your inner beauty that is coming through strong, clear and visible through the change and decisions of the week.

Take a deep breath, stay out of the deep end, focus on this week’s smooth energies and start moving.

Keeping it light,


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