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Spring Energy Web tour

A am happy to announce some dates where I will be live on the Webb for you to join me in Moon meditations and Heart ignitions this spring!

I've chosen a few Full- and New Moon dates where we'll tune in to its energy, to balance, release, ignite and transform our energy. Maybe some of you have heard my Moon meditations on YouTube, and now you will be with me online with the possibility to chat after.

Guided Moon Meditations Live: - 19 of April, 5 of May and 17 of June

I will also do some Pure Heart Group Ignitions these coming months.

The energy when connected to a group is powerful and strong. The format is like a guided meditation that also contains some information.

Pure Heart Group Ignitions Live: 22 of April, 26 of May and 25 of June

Price - $6

Price Patrons - free in April

Link to register Group Moon Meditation go to MOON MEDITATION

Link to resgister Group Pure Heart Ignition go to IGNITE PURE HEART

The first Moon meditation and the first Pure Heart Ignition is free for all my registered Patrons. When signing in as a Patron you will receive a link to join these online events in April.

I am so looking forward connecting and igniting your Pure Heart energy!

Love and light,


P.s. If you like to support my work and become a Patron go to THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT

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