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What's up week 21

This is a week with powerful energy, yet smooth sailing. There is a force that is pushing us forward, if we let it. It’s is steering us into our path of light. Off course we can resist, we can choose other paths, with the cost of a bumpier road. When we let ourselves being steered by the divine universal energy that comes from Love and always has our best highest purpose in sight, then we can expect a flow of life that is a New Way of Life.

You might have to make some important decisions though. Whether its related to relationships or not, it’s sure to have an emotional impact. This isn’t an intellectual choice but rather one made from the heart. While you may not know what to do, you’ll absolutely feel the right actions to take.

Try to set aside any control and expectations other than a beautiful life in ease, love and joy and make your choices from your heart and there will be positive changes coming your way.

If you’re tired of a slow and deliberate pace and itching to move into the fast lane, this could be your week with the strong energy in your corner. All the action takes place on Tuesday, when things are moving at a much faster pace and your personal solar power lightens up.

Communication for the next month becomes easier and it’s a good time to learn new skills, socializing and buying new digital devices. Also, variety is a spice of life coming month. This can show you an exciting smorgasbord of new people and perspectives.

You may also become doubly rational and triply curious. How much fun isn’t that! We become naturally curious together with a strong push toward our up lit path and a mind that’s up for some quick rational decisions grounded in our heart.

Because the tendency is to move fast from topic it’s not a time to engage in in-depth discussions but rather is a chance to brainstorm, network and feel your options.

On Sunday I will do my second Pure Heart Ignition. It’s like a guided live group meditation online where you join from wherever you are. I’ll tune into the energy of the group and the energy that we will work with us to give us energetic keys to open doors to our Pure Hearts so that we can hear our voice. I’m looking forward to see how this week’s strong energy will help us with this.

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Keeping it light!


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