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Summer Ignition

This summer we are going through yet another eclipse season with energetic portals that helps us in our transition to connect with our heart, core and light.

After my last Energy Adventure to Norway a few weeks back I have felt a big change in opening my gateway within, connected to the Universe and all that is.

This has resulted for me in a more relaxed and accepting view of life and who I am, that helps me move through the day with strength, joy and excitement.

I would love to take this energy out and about and offer a personal Summer session during the eclipse portals.

This is how it works;

We decide upon a date and time that works for both where you allow my energy to connect with yours. You can see me as a radio that tunes in to frequencies on demand.

At the chosen time you set your intention to give me your permission to enter and then you can just relax or do something nice (just not driving since the energy transmitted can be strong).

From a distance I will tune in to your “channel” and meet your vibration where it is right now. I’ll record a 30-40 minutes Heart Ignition that includes information and/or a personalized meditation. Depending on what it is you need right now and what it is your vibration wants me to do. The energy I connect to is your Pure Heart vibration.

This is not about asking questions. It’s about helping you move forward on your highest path by igniting and clearing, so that you may feel, see and accept it easier.

This Eclipse offer is available from 2 – 16 of July for bookings.

The time you can schedule is between 3 of July to 20 of August.

The energy will start it’s ignition when we start and the recording will be emailed to you after in a Mp3 format and the language is English or Swedish at your choice, for you to listen to as well.

Price – 645sek

Warm welcome to connect and ignite!

Pure Heart Love


P.s for all July Patrons at $10 or more you will get the possibility to get this for free!

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