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Eclipse Portal week one

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Moving into the second week of this summer’s eclipse portal, I don’t know if you’ve felt it but it’s been a massive energetic download. This first week we have been given energetic tools and now going into the next week we can start to play and try them out. All in our own pace.

The energy is open and made available and it’s up to each and everyone of us when the time is right to grab hold of the vibration and move with it.

The good part has been that all we have had to do is to exist and the energy would find us. It’s not been about achieving, searching or forcing the connection but instead just being and living. I’m truly happy about this since I’ve got an insect bite and with that a bad infection, so I haven’t really been up and running this last week. Summer bug times….

I’ve felt the download on and off and it has also held me still, silent and receptive.

The information I got about this portal is that it’s an energy of self-realisation. To own and understanding our light in all its capacity in an organic and loving way. Free from judgement and limitations.

So how will this work once we are through? Well, the energy is in place for us to pick up when we are ready. It prepares, aligns and connects with us during these weeks. Then it’s up for us to make the choice, when we feel ready to do so.

Going into this second week insights and changes may start shining through. Still major energetic vibrations coming in so be kind to yourself, take it easy and surround yourself with things you enjoy. Be aware of what you eat, your thoughts, be aware to take deep breaths and let this Love energy move through you completely.

You may set your intention, if you like, each morning and night to be open and accept the vibration.

Summer Love


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