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2021 Spring Live Online Pure Heart Ignition - guided meditation

I am so happy to announce this springs Pure Heart Ignitions - guided meditations.

I don't have the energy theme's we will be working with yet for each date, but I do know that this whole year is about us activating and showing up to ourselves and life.

I will guide you on a relaxing inner journey, where we connect to our Pure Heart. We open and clear the way, for you to hear its voice and directions clearer. When we have a clear communication, we can make our choices in life easier and more peaceful.

The energy we are working with this year is about activating and igniting us to action. To make the choices hand in hand with our strong, infinite inner wisdom. We get to pump up our courage and will to act, through this straight communication with our own light and strength.

The energy connects with us at the point where we are individually in life.

To join you need to sign up via the links below.

It is free and if you like to join but cannot make the exact time, you will get a link to the replay, for you to view at your convenience, when signing up in advance.

Here are dates and links for these springs live online Pure Hearts Ignitions:

(Swedish time).

Please let me know if you have any questions.

I look forward to going on these inner energy journeys with you all!

Love and light,



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