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December Pure Heart Calendar 24/12

Relax into an energy of Peace and Love - Pure Heart December Calendar - Christmas.

Today we continue to work with an energy of Love and it surrounds us like a beautiful, relaxing and uplifting mist.

Celebrating a work well down and asking us to breath, rest and relax with and from love.

This was the last day in my Pure Heart December meditation calendar and I want to say Thank you to All who have joined me on this journey. December has been a transformational month for sure and now we are heading towards the next phase.

Take some time to just reflect, allow your energy to catch up with the shift and feel the love!

Make sure you have some time to be still and relax with the meditation before moving on with the day.

Have a lovely holiday season and thank you again for following and being part of spreading this Pure Heart energy!

Love and Holiday Lights


Music in meditation by Moby LA6


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