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A few questions to help me identify your predicaments at work

Being a successful artist and creative solo entrepreneur are in so many ways a passionate and fulfilling way of life, that many dream of but never dare to go after.

I also know from working in the event and music industry that it’s an occupation that has a lot of barriers to go through from keeping your focus, feeling secure, manage time and your own expectations.

My passion and talent are helping you as an artist and creative to free time to be able to do more of the projects you like and be able to enjoy them without feeling stressed.

I am curious to hear what you as a successful artist and creative solo entrepreneur feel/think around these issues and would be very grateful if you like to take a short moment and fill out a questionnaire for me.

I will not add you to any e-mail list or publish the answers. It’s for my eyes only, to better understand issues in this line of work.

I am so grateful for anyone helping me and if you like as a thank you I will record a free personalized igniting energy meditation, send to you as a Mp3.

Let’s work towards freedom and happiness!

Love and light,



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