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Pure, Raw and Happy

Pure, Raw and Happy Book release. Photo by Anna Rohova

Going through the awakening process and experiencing benefits and challenges along the way, I hope to inspire and help you start or deepen your way on your inner journey finding peace, joy and balance in life. To be present, grateful and trust your own beautiful inner guidance.

When the pace of time is speeding up and there is an endless buzz of distractions and choices, I feel it is important as well as helpful to use what's offered in the modern world and also balance it by staying connected to nature and most importantly yourself.

To let your heart and mind cooperate whilst making time to listen deep within.

My upcoming book is a seven step guide to increase your inner communication to feel that joyful and peaceful trust of life and self. I'm sharing parts of my journey, what I learned and what has helped me move through, together with meditations, channeled wisdom and energy transmission.

I know it's some time yet before it is a physical book to order, but if you already today know this is something you like to read, you can sign up to my e-mail list and I will make sure you get a notification when it's possible to pre-order.

Head over to to sign up for a notification about the books release.

I'm so excited and can't wait to share this with you all.

Love and Light,



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