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Shift in perspectives

This spring I have got a craving for the multi-talented Dandelion.

Not only are they beautiful to look at but filled with nutrition and other good stuff for our body.

I use about 15 flower heads, put it on a pitcher of cold water over night. Add a tsp of honey in the morning and then drink it during the day. Keeping it in the cold water over night releases its minerals and vitamins.

The dandelion also has great cleansing effect in our body, it helps us fight inflammation and boost our immune system, get our blood going, cleanses us from chemicals and the list goes on. Please google this healthy flower for more benefits and how to use every part of it from root to flower, if this raised your curiosity.

I can always tell when I am on to something that is good for my body at the moment, because then it tastes great and I keep looking for it. Right now, this is what my body wants. A great part is that I can walk outside to the garden and get my daily fix from nature. This time of the year it is everywhere where here.

If you do not have this the flower growing near you and would like to boost your body with its qualities, check with your health store, for tee, powder and more.

Last spring, I thought of these flowers as lovely to look at Yes, but a weed. My perspective has changed together with my knowledge.

During these times I think many of us are going through a deep shift in perspectives. We get a new understanding for what is important and what we can live without. Things we thought we needed in life, suddenly get outranked by things we took for granted. Simple things we miss like being able to hug someone when you meet or socialize.

It is a shift that in a way resets our focus of life. Just like I last spring had dandelions all around and didn’t take much notice of them other than it was a lovely colour, I now appreciate everything about them from their roots to roast and make tee off, tothe leaves for salad, to the stem in smoothies and the flowers in my water.

Spiritually what the Dandelion wants us to learn is to open your hearts to receive and give Love. Not to bad message either.

Love and Dandelion energy to all,



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