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Why your emotions, even the uncomfortable ones are a hidden treasure when it comes to connecting to your souls’ purpose.

Photo by Anna Rohova

Let’s play! Whether you agree or not, imagine that your emotions are not here to mess you up but to show you an alternative way, through life. A way that is aligned with your souls' purpose. How would that change the way you accept, view and listen to them?

Most of us, have a good relationship with feelings that makes us relax, feel comfortable and uplifted. You may not dive deep into them when they arrive but still appreciate and welcome them.

When their moodier relative shows up, the feelings that makes you uncomfortable it's another story. They are usually more likely to be shown the door, ignored or not well received.

But what if they came to tell you something? What if they are trying to get your attention because you are going in a direction that is not aligned with your purpose, your soul, your light, your heart or a sounder choice of thoughts and action?

Wouldn’t it be better then to invite them in, listen, and then let them leave?

I believe that our emotions are a way for our body to communicate. Sometimes they are so subtle that we have to be calm and still to pick it up. Other times they are like a thunderstorm. No matter the scale of the emotion, they come with a message from yourself of where you are headed with your actions, thoughts and beliefs.

Now I know that when that moodier relative visits it is not easy to take a step back and invite them in to hear their story, or accept their story, because we are so focused on the negative part of the emotion. Wanting to justify our behavior, thoughts and reaction and for it to magically disappear.

My experience is that the sooner I accept the emotion whether it is heartbreak, sadness, anger, anxiety, fear and like, the sooner I can start to go deeper to what’s behind it and what it is really trying to tell me. With an open mind, without judgment in any direction. I let my body know that I hear you – let’s talk.

That intense vibe then starts to fizzle out and I can start to work my way through and get a clearer picture. It is not about dismissing or trying to bypass, because then we lose the message but to take it as the guide that it is.

The same goes for the uplifting emotions. They are for most of us easier to accept and invite. However, I believe as important to communicate with and not take for granted, so that we can start to use them as a guide as well.

Today (20/2) the sun changes sign to Pisces, which is the sign of emotions amplified and the energy gives you a brilliant time to dive deep into your emotions to explore.

So why not start to play with it and the next time a strong emotion shows up, listen to it. Communicate with it and invite it in for a cup and a talk where it tells you how you best can continue on.

Stay open to what it has to say, you probably don’t know the answer already since then it wouldn’t be at your door knocking.

Love and Light


P.s If you like some assistance in my last pod episode we connect to an energy that helps us to go deep in a playful and light way. You’ll find my pod “Meditation Jam with Maria Rinné” at most pod players and Spotify.


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