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3 + 1 thing I discovered when taking a Social Media break for a month.

Photo by Anna Rohova

From the beginning of January up until now I’ve been taking a social media break for no other reason than I wanted to, and I love what has come out of it.


I was starting to feel like my behavior with social media went on autopilot. I would check-in in the morning, around lunchtime, maybe in the evening and before falling asleep. Usually with a lot of laughter, scrolling and communication. So why change that?

Well, working with energies and communicating with my heart and purpose on a regular base, this was its guidance that I picked up and followed.

At first, I found it to be a bit strange, not to scroll whilst for example sitting on a bus or the other times I usually picked up the phone. Almost a bit boring. How quick we have adopted to that little devise.  

However, I’ve recently come to enjoy that boring state. I know that when it arrives, and I let go and accept it the first hurdle is won and that’s when my brain starts to work by itself again. To look for other outlets of inspiration.

Instead of being fed information to keep it busy it is now active by itself in a healthy way.

  • This is my first gift from this month –Inspiration from places not decided by the algorithm in social media, expands your mind, creativity, and day. We all know this, still so easy to forget.

  • The next gift is what I think we all also know, yet often brush over. To hear your hearts whisper and guidance it takes a well-tuned instrument and dedication. We can get there through different practices. By not being online too much though, that voice becomes easier to notice without having to sit down in a meditation or yoga pose. When you hear that inner wisdom and guidance, you start to get in contact with your purpose and desires. The ones that originate at your core, not the surroundings. Now you are on a truly amazing path to a more joyful way of life, that is connected to your unique way.

  • The third gift that became noticeable, is how easy it is to become comfortable, lazy and non-present when it comes to entertainment and spending your time. Also, how much time I’ve actually spent scrolling (and I was by no means a big consumer, I would guess average). Even if there are a lot of interesting things and inspiration, it is also time consuming. Time that can be spend being more present and aware in your life, not the whole worlds. Since I believe that gratitude is a major player in our life to feel fulfilled and aligned with your heart, being present is one way to stay in a grateful state. There is a higher chance of this when stepping out of an ongoing scrolling input.

And the bonus gift…

  • I also have to say, and I didn’t realize this before I stopped, but choosing to express part of my business through social media (and I think this goes also for private accounts) there is a down side of unconsciously looking at how others are doing. There is a certain structure, fashion and ways to how it is to be done that is easy to fall into and follow. Having my moon in Aquarius I know I have a rebellious streak in regards to rules and follow the templates. Being unconsciously steered goes against my freedom seeking Aquarius Moon energy and takes away the fun of it after some time for me. My body then sets an alarm to shift, like it did now. When the fun part leaves, that’s when we start close instead of expanding our mind. If we listen we can hear our body saying, please no.

I'm sharing this to inspire, if you, like me have thought about it or felt that it would be nice to step away for some time. I fully recommend it and also to stay aware of the changes that it brings.

Now I am about to gently start up again and I am not opposed to social media and I will continue to join in. What I do take with me from this off-month is that a healthy balance and a break now and then is lovely, grounding and helps to reactivate your life force. When your life force is bubbling, it's easier to connect to your pure purpose and that is Party time!

So, I’ll see you out there or maybe not, if you are on a break!

Joy and Growth



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