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Why complicate things!

Updated: Mar 13

Photo by Anna Rohova

In August 2019 life happened! I got a call from my beautiful big sister and she told me that she just got diagnosed with a rare type of Cancer. To say that it was a chock is an understatement. My sister has always been very health conscious and she had no symptoms other than starting to see a little blood in her urine over that summer.

In February 2020 she left us.

It was a quick, aggressive and heartbreaking development.  Yet we were a lucky that it happened at the beginning of the pandemic before restrictions, so we could all say our goodbyes and when she left she was surrounded by family. My heart goes out to all who didn’t have that possibility.

My sister had a very active and social personality. We would meet up now and then for a movie, coffee, or dinner (apart from family gatherings) and those lovely moments usually had to be booked well in advance due to her busy schedule.

After she got her diagnosis, her active lifestyle stopped for natural reasons, and she restricted herself to family and a few close friends.

In the midst of her treatment, she said to me, Maria I’ve realized that we make life so much harder than we have to. Life is beautiful when we stop and notice. She had now started to truly appreciate the smaller things in life, like sitting in the sunshine next to her husband of 40 years. Taking in the beauty of nature and doing nothing yet doing so much but from another perspective.

I took what she said to heart at the time and then when COVID hit, its meaning got even more amplified as I’m sure a lot of us discovered. It was human contact, nature, fresh air, art and more basic needs that mattered.

So, why am I on about this now. Well, the other night I had a message in my dream. I get those now and then, messages, visions, information and such. This time it was a distant friend that came to me with information and asked me a question that got translated in its energy to – Why make life and things so complicated!

It activated something with me also this time. When I woke up, my whole system was onboard and I’d opened this track again but from another angle. You know that feeling when you hear something that you’ve heard before but suddenly it has meaning that resonates with you in a different way.

The first time when my sister said it, it connected to how we priorities our time in life and the importance of being present and grateful. Now it connected to purpose and emotions. How we complicate life due to old beliefs, and emotions that goes hand and hand with those old beliefs. It is not an easy subject because we come with so many layers and in some areas we might have it sorted whilst in others it is a major roadblock. But that simple question or statement started something with me that I want to keep on exploring and share, with the hope that it might start something in you as well.

It is also a lovely time to dive into our emotions to see what's behind them, with the energy that we are in right now in March, as well as the energetic reset that the last New Moon in Pisces helped us with.  You’ll find my energy meditation from the New Moon here.

When using this beautiful compass in life that our emotions are, i believe we need to take a beat now and then to reset, clear and dive into their origin and purpose to investigate if they are assisting or blocking.

Most things aren’t too difficult, and the things that are doesn’t’ become easier because we make them more complicated. I believe we all come with layers of control, judgment, beliefs, you name it, that are connected to our emotions. By taking a look at what’s behind those emotions and let go, life can open up in a beautiful way. Do it with an open mind and instead of looking at right or wrong, look at the bigger picture, what really matters.

We are molded to the notion of right or wrong and its repercussions that may lift of sink our vibe. In the world of energy this doesn’t exist, only consequences, and that is a very different way to navigate life.

With right and wrong comes judgment. With judgement comes separation. Being separated from the world, ourselves and humanity, creates a major gap that we then try to fill in a lot of different ways, making life much harder and complicated than we have to.

So In the words of my sister and message in my dream I like pass it on and  say– Why make things so complicated!?

See if it resonates with you and what feelings and thoughts it activates. Right now, the energy is here to help you look at this to start to shift, if that is something you like to do. The Moon meditation is one step on the way to reset your emotions for a clearer guidance.

I know my sister agrees that the time is now, no need to wait or procrastinate your feelgood possibilities to life. Just go for it! And if it feels scary then start with small steps, they will still move your forward instead of a standstill. Let's make life less complicated from our end.

Love and Light



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