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Pure Heart Energy Tour - Day 3

Last day on this amazing adventure!

The day started at the beautiful Lough Eske where after some wrong turns I remembered to let go and trust the intuition and the right spot was found.

First place for the day - Ard Na Mona Woods at Lough Eske. A lovely walk in the woods with creaks crossing the path, showing off small waterfalls and light energy to be picked up all around. There is a meditation from this place that continued on the work started yesterday at Slieve League. We were also given a bonus, or a gift in the way that it was made possible for us to make a wish that will be granted. It might not be in the way we expect but it will come. A Fairy gift from another dimension. How great isn’t that!

(All meditations plus an e-book describing the process and tour will soon be available).

This is a place where the female and male energy come together in a balanced manner. Both equally important for the creation process in our life and both eager to align. I will be going into that alignment within us in some coming meditations, reconnecting to this place.

Next and last stop, where this grand energy that we have been working with during this journey was being grounded and put into place. Not locked-in but grounded so it can soar free without losing its direction. The place for this was Poisoned Glen or I rather call it by its real Heavenly Glen and the Mt Errigal that surrounds this breath-taking place. It had some of the energy qualities as Isle Iona (Scotland) and Carnac (Bretagne) in the sense that some misplaced intentions had sat some roots.

The positive side is that due to its open, wild and strong core it was easily removed and now the pure and sacred heart energy from Slieve League is grounded and ready to spread out into the world.

It is forgiven, it is done

What have been lost has now been found

We hear our hearts in cheerful song

This time it won’t go wrong

Eons of time and loving hearts

Has now found the energy to go out in march

March for freedom, life and love

March for oneness inside all of us

/Pure Heart

I know that the superlatives is raining in like the Irish weather but it’s very hard not to when being surrounded with such raw, beautiful people, energy and nature.

This journey will continue in meditations where we direct the focus to keep working, aligning and bringing this energy out, into place, all around and within. It’s a work in progress and the first and second steps are now done.

I'm so grateful to all the energies, dimensions and guides that has been helping along the way, making this possible. Also to all of you taking part with your energy in this, whether it's today or in the future!


Keeping it light until next time!

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