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The jet lag has nearly passed and the energetic jet lag is about to land.

Last week I was on an Energy Adventure to Red Rock Canyon and Death Valley. It was truly amazing and the energy I worked with in these places was new, ground-breaking and hasn’t fully landed in the logical side of my brain jet.

I knew when I left for the US that the energy theme was ABUNDANCE. I knew I was going to a few places in the Red Rock (Nevada) and Death Valley (California).

I didn’t know it was going to be this amazing and beautiful or that I was going to fall in love with life on the spot.

I didn’t consider myself out of love for life before, on the contrary. Still the feeling I have after this journey don’t compare. It’s maybe not as much a love for life as it is a passion for life. It’s a feeling of being lighter and more peaceful, even though nothing in my outer world has changed, only the inner. It’s a feeling of wanting to wake up in the morning to see what the day brings not only with a smile like before but with a smile, a strong curiosity and a sense of trust. To see the beauty in our diverse and fragile jet strong humanity and world. To see the beauty in everyday life as well as adventures. To recognize the truth of me, enjoying it, owning it and the list goes on.

This adventure also differs from my previous once, in that the energy is so massive and a game changer. I can feel it in my bones, this energy brings on a new way of life that we can’t imagen jet.

Usually when I do these adventures they are beautiful and transforming, in ways I quite quickly can translate to my brain.

This one I haven’t wrapped my head around jet. My body on the other hand is cheering and doing summersaults, it has grasped the full potential of the energy and is bubbling with joy. The transformation is in place. Now I need to be open and trusting to the changes. Tune in to my body that already grasped it and look for its signs of joy on this path of life.

The lightness and love for life part, has already showed up in a big way, now it’s exciting to see what else will change the day and way of life.

I can’t wait to share it with you on the way through my own experience and also through mediations and workshops.

This is definitely not the last blog I will do about this energy and adventure, so stay tuned there is much more to come!

Keeping it light with a new passion for life!


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