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Fulfilling life – that is a big sentence and when I travelled to Lake Como last year I had no idea what to expect out of this energy adventure, nor how it would fulfil its energy theme that I had got, of Fulfilling life.

When it was broken down in smaller pieces I could however see the pattern or bigger picture if you like as the adventure progressed. By the end of the adventure I could feel the change in me. Today I have seen how it catapulted me to a whole new level in life. Very exciting.

It started with getting my body tuned so that I could hear it. Or maybe it’s the mind that is getting tuned to hear the voice of our intelligent body.

Then once I’ve heard it’s voice, next step was about forgiveness and letting go of judgment . This was important for our inner voice to be able to hear and speak load and free without limitations in any direction.

Once these two aspects where in place, and I could hear my energy if you like, and not only hear it but act on it – guess what – yes – then I started to fulfil my life.

It is a work in transition and some days I still end up on and old road of habit. The difference after this energy adventure is that the other road, the one my energy thrives for, shines so bright now, that I can’t miss it.

I then have the opportunity to be able to quickly change direction before I’ve gone too far down the old road. When my inner voice gets clearer, my choices gets easier and more natural.

From that platform I can create my life fully aligned with my purpose and energy in an easy and natural way.

I look forward to sharing this transformational energy in tomorrow’s workshop and If you can’t join tomorrow, the workshop we be available in the Shop after.

Only exception is that you won’t be able to chat live during.

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