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What's up week 51

The energies this week are warm, loving and maybe a little bit confusing. You might meet opposing goals and differing opinions, hidden agendas, overly ambitious or competitive people.

Life can be challenging. There may be people in it who are competitive or confrontational. Dealing with them is sometimes unavoidable. In those situations interact in ways that minimize the drama and maximize coming up with solutions. Keep the energy light and optimistic. Get clear about what does and does not matter. Delegate things that bothers you. This week you have the opportunity to grow from this.

The year is slowing down and Mercury goes backwards/retrograde on Monday until 8 of January. Mercury being the planet of communication, be extra clear when you communicate and wait with signing contracts or buying new technology (or if you have to, then read the fine print, twice, plus ask about anything you don’t understand).

With Mercury going retrograde it’s giving us the perfect end-of-the year time to reflect.

At the same time we have energies that are eager to get started creating a bit of conflicting emotions. Advice is to take stock, to re-asses or look over the year and then make your plans before starting anything new.

We have a winter solstice on Wednesday and after that we start to move towards the lighter day again but on Wednesday the shortest day of the year, take some time-out and rest.

On Christmas eve we have an opportunity to open doors and break free from the past and change the rules. The positive integration between the old and the new is a perfect end-of-year sign that unites the past with the future. On Christmas day the planets are lined up to bring peace, love and blessings.

A quick tool for this week to balance the energies :

Start by taking three deep breaths to ground yourself. Then imagen that you open your mouth and there is a clear flow of energy coming out, going into the world and surrounding you. In this moment with the energy flowing out of you, repeat at least three times to yourself; I’m strong, I’m clear and I speak from my heart.

Do this whenever you need during the week!

Happy Holidays to you all!

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